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We are the perfect partner for end to end packaging solutions with experience in innovation, automation, and scale which fits small and large enterprises.

Emery is bringing modern automation to the fiber product & packaging industry to enable production of environmentally friendly products at scale.

Built to Last

Emery has been delivering equipment for packaging since the middle of the 20th century.  Its technology has been adopted in more than 50 countries across 4 continents. Customers have the choice from massive scale rotary molding lines to digital forming lines to produce products at capacity and quality which meet the demands of their markets. Emery offers product designs which vary from egg cartons, foodware, automobile parts, to pallets. However far the customers are in the world, Emery can provide the best service at competitive value.


Corporate Headquarters:
Emery Silfurtun
Founded in 1953
Offices in Canada, US, and Iceland
Led by CEO, Fridrik R. Jonsson

Best in Service

We help you size your factory to meet the demand of the market you serve.  No matter how big or small your market, we will listen and work with you to find a packaging solution which meets your customers’ needs.  Our approach is to support you throughout the equipment ownership lifecycle. You have options in developing your business by partnering with us in joint venture or by purchasing equipment. In any form of transaction, we provide you with training for operation excellence, maintenance for continuous production, and expertise for plant live extension and expansion


Emery is an industry-leading packaging solutions provider to more than 100 customers worldwide. The company invests in research and development and is a leader in precision pulp molding applying robotics and additive manufacturing to achieve high throughput and low energy consumption. Founded in 1953, Emery has manufacturing facilities and offices in Canada, US, and Iceland.

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