Products From Emery Pulp Moulding Equipment

Emery manufactures machines to make moulded fibre products. Here are some examples of moulded fibre products produced on Emery machines.

A CD Player is packaged using moulded fibre sleeves to protect it in the retail packaging. The moulding dies are shown below the CD player.

This combination demonstrated the moulding dies (above) and the moulded fibre product (below). This product is used to package a series of electronic components for industry.

In this example, Lucent, an electronics firm, is packaging an instrument panel for one of its Call Master products in a moulded fibre box that has a separate lid.

All of the moulding dies in a rotary machine have matching transfer dies to capture the moulded fibre product and transport it to a dryer belt without damaging or distorting the fibre product.

The range of materials that can be used for moulded fibre is immense, ranging from wood and waste paper to fibres from sugar cane, and even cow manure and ceramic fibres can be used. The products packaged range from food and bottles, to light bulbs and electric drills, from printer cartridges to picture frames.

Packaging for food products has been a mainstay of the moulded fibre industry for many years. Both fruit and egg packaging are important components of the market. In fact, nearly 4 billion egg cartons and egg trays are used in North America alone, although some of the egg cartons are made of plastic (expanded polystyrene -- EPS). Moulded fibre is a superior packaging material for eggs and fruit because it is more resilient when banged ( EPS tends to collapse), and it also wicks moisture away, whereas EPS allows the moisture to pool around the food.

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